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Chef Eric LeVine Cooks Up Creative Cuisine at 317 Main in Farmingdale NY

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Chef Eric Levin is as inspiring in real life as he is creative in the kitchen.  A five time cancer survivor and Chopped champion, Chef Levine has made his home at 317 Main St in Farmingdale, NY.
We had a great conversation with so much discuss from his journey as a chef to his mouth watering menu creations. He’s just a genuine giver that looks for opportunities to pay it forward where he can.

Watch the Chef Levine Interview

About Chef Levine

I asked him first about his culinary training and cooking style. Eric was inspired at a young age by his father in the kitchen but he wasn’t one to follow the rules. Listen in to hear about his blender story that’s both adorable and eye opening to his personality. 
When we discussed his opportunity to compete on Chopped Chef Levine tells us about the call he had the night before and his battle with cancer that forever changed his outlook on life.

317 Main St Delivers

Now that he’s found a home at 317 Main St in Farmingdale, you can tell he’s a chef that has found his groove. It’s an eclectic menu filled with everything from tomahawk steaks to house made ramen noodles. How’s that for variety?
What’s more interesting is his approach to the changing times we’re living in. 317 Main has embraced the takeout and delivery culture preparing date night menus, trivia nights and virtual cooking classes. 
Here are the exclusive photos from my date night takeout experience featuring butternut squash pillows, soup dumplings, pesto gnocchi and a house made chocolate peanut butter layer cake

My Takeout from 317 Main St

Visit 317 Main St

Located at 317 Main St Farmingdale, NY 11735

Phone: (516) 512-5317


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