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Apt84 Turns Tiny Home Trend Into Big Business on Long Island

Today I’m speaking with Catherine and Jose, the co-founders of Apt84. They are entrepreneurs who embraced the tiny home trend and turned into a business right here on Long Island.

From private events to wine tours and collaborations, Apt84 is providing inspiration wherever they go! As a bonus to our listeners, Apt84 was generous enough to give one of our listeners a chance to win $100 gift card. Head over to Instagram to enter.

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the skoolie experience

Catherine and Jose embrace what I call, the entrepreneurial spirit. Opening a new business always comes with risk, including startup costs but converting a school bus into a tiny apartment has it’s own set of challenges.

It took months to get Apt84 off the ground but as these two owners will tell you, it was worth it. Catherine says she knew she always wanted to start a mobile business on wheels. They made a name for themselves quickly by being present at local events and taking advantage of all the press that came there way.

Apt84 is growing quickly and is now an experienced based business using mobile vehicles with plans to add to their fleet as soon as possible. Given the uncertainty of COVID, hosting events is just as uncertain in the future but they are staying positive along their journey.

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Embracing Collaborations with open arms

Pre-covid you could find Apt84 bus hanging out at a local brewery or food event. Guests can use the bus as a lounge or hangout and it makes for some wonderful photo opportunities. They are continuing to work with local restaurants and others during these challenging as a way to continue to evolve the business and keep their brand visible.

Look for even more events from them coming soon including collaborations with local food trucks, restaurants and more. We are going to begin working on a collaboration for my business, Big Lou’s Onion Sauce & Social Play Haus for Oktoberfest.

Growing the business

Apt84 has a wonderful Instagram channel that you can follow @apt84bus. The marketer in me couldn’t resist asking how they’ve been able to grow the following so quickly and what it always comes down to is authenticity. 

What you’ll notice on their page is authentic content that shows not only their events but behind the scenes of their vehicle conversions plus inspirational content in their stories. Catherine admits not getting hung up on creating the perfect post is the key to posting more consistently. 

Another reason for their success is their teamwork. Jose comments on how they both have their strengths they bring to the business which further defines how they operate the business. Many partnerships that flourish are ones that bring complimentary skill sets to the business.

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