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Chef Feeds His Love of Teaching with Interactive Cooking Classes Inside a Winery

Today I’m speaking with my friend Victor, owner of The Cook’s Studio in Hicksville, NY. Victor is a chef who loves teaching people how to cook. From mozzarella making to sushi to paella, there are classes for everyone. You won’t want to miss out on these unique interactive cooking classes located inside the only winery in Nassau County at wineUdesign.

About Chef Victor McNulty

Victor has been a chef for the past 30 years and a chef instructor for the past 15 years. Turns out Julia Child was his first true chef inspiration watching her as a child on TV. He loved being in restaurants since his first summer job at the age of 13 washing dishes at the South Hampton Inn. 

After a number of summer and weekend jobs Victor attended NYU for restaurant and hotel management and realized he hated school but still loved working in restaurants. The quicker path to ownership was going to be back of the house and Victor then decided to transfer to the French Culinary Institute. Having worked in many restaurants around the United States and after owning his own restaurant he wanted to settle down and spend time with his family.

Victor landed a job at the Culinary Academy of Long Island where he truly discovered his love of teaching and stuck with them until their unfortunate closure.

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A Cooking School Inside a Winery

He always wanted to open a cooking school and had been looking at Main St in Huntington originally until he connected with his good friend Vincenzo who owns wineUdesign in Hicksville. Both are members of the Long Island Food Council. Originally Victor wasn’t sure about the idea of running a cooking school inside a warehouse but fast forward a few years and turning industrial warehouse space into a hot spot has become a trend. 

If you register for one of their many cooking classes you’ll be surrounded by barrels and wine making equipment. It creates quite the ambiance as you and your date, your friends and family or colleagues learn to make your favorite dishes. Bonus! Wine tasting is included with your cooking class.

Food Brings People Together

In this episode of the Big Food Talk, we discuss so many topics from wine pairing to food culture and beyond. What’s truly unique about the Cook’s Studio is Victor and his perspective on food. The Cooks Studio brings people together whether it’s a mozzarella making class with your loved ones or a team building event for your colleagues, you’ll learn, laugh, eat and create memories that last a lifetime. 

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