DJs Clam Shack in Wantagh NY

North Meets South at DJs Clam Shack in Wantagh NY

Today I’m speaking with Anthony, the manager of DJ’s Clam Shack in Wantagh, NY. DJ’s Clam Shack blends the best seafood dishes from New England and the South. With it’s original location in Key West Florida, the owners decided to open a second location on Long Island. 
The vibe is all about casual dining using quality ingredients and even has bragging rights for being featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. Anthony walks us through their mouth watering menu and even reveals some secret off menu items only for customers in the know. Don’t know what an Ipswitch clam is? Listen to find out!
As the warm weather approaches and restaurants begin re-opening for outdoor seating, DJ’s Clam Shack is open for business and doing quite well as seafood lovers need their summer lobster roll fix. It’s not your typical seafood shack location. Located near the Wantagh train station on Sunrise Highway it doesn’t give off the beachy vibe it’s original location in Key West became famous for.

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About Anthony and His Cooking

Anthony grew up Italian, loving food and a passion to cook and be part of the restaurant industry. He became a butcher for over 15 years and learned how to cook working at a few Italian restaurants locally.  He applied for the position at DJ’s Clam Shack and his been there since it’s opening in Wantagh, NY.  Customers that know Anthony well enough come in and ask for the secret menu items. Listen in around the 11 minute mark.

What's the difference between Norther and Southern Seafood?

Anthony describes the difference in southern spices that pack a bit more heat. Think about blackened Mahi Mahi or cajun style shrimp. In the North we have grown accustom to our clam chowder and steamed little neck clams. Looking try something different? Try their fried conch fritters that aren’t regularly available on Long Island.

Sourcing Fresh Seafood is a Priority

The Wantagh location gets a majority of it’s fresh seafood that’s available locally from Two Cousins over in Freeport, NY. If you’ve every been down Nautical Mile you’ve probably seen the south shore fish market that’s been a landmark for decades. They are getting fresh fish delivered almost daily at their location including locally sourced little neck clams from Long Island.  DJ’s also does its best supply other local favorites like craft beer to it’s customers all year long..

Ipswitch Clams Become Difficult to Source

It’s been business as usually except for one unique menu item that’s become difficult to source over the past few months. If you’ve never had an Ipswitch clam it’s completely different from any other baked or fried clam you’ve had before. All Ipswich clams are soft-shell clams (steamers), but not all soft-shell clams are Ipswich clams. What you really need to know is they are fried in a corn meal flour to add a touch of sweetness and deliver on maximum clam flavor.

One Lobster Roll to Rule Them All

The lobster rolls at DJs Clam Shack are notoriously delicious and overstuffed. They only use knuckle and claw meat in their rolls and you can listen to Anthony explain why around the 8 minute mark. The hot lobster roll packs a quarter pound of lobster meat sauteed in butter placed on a New England style split top bun and of course don’t forget the butter! You can also get the cold lobster roll featuring a house made tarragon mayonnaise. It’s their philosophy that simple is best to let the seafood be the star.
If you’re really hungry for lobster, don’t pass up the chance to order their overstuffed lobster roll which features a whopping half pound of knuckle claw lobster meat! Don’t be fooled by imitators offering lobster rolls with nothing but some skimpy lobster salad on a hot dog bun.
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