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Fire Island Vines Brings North Fork Winery Experience to the South Shore

Today I’m speaking with Angelo, the owner of Fire Island Vines in Bay Shore, NY. Angelo is an entrepreneur with a keen sense of what his customers want. After operating a wine tour business for 7 years, he recognized an opportunity to offer a winery experience on the south shore of Long Island.

Fire Island Vines opened its doors only 10 days prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Opening a new restaurant is always a risky proposition but doing so during these challenging is not for the inexperienced business owner.

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Prior to Fire Island Vines, Angelo had run a successful wine tour company called First Glass Wine Tours that started in 2013. While running the wine tour business on the North Fork of Long Island, he wanted a change in his lifestyle. While driving guests to all 50 wineries on the east end, Angelo created great relationships with many of the wineries. Their motto is to treat everyone like family. 

Being familiar with hosting his guests on their wine tours, Angelo had an inside look at what type of experiences customers enjoy while touring the wineries

Providing the experience was only piece of the puzzle. Angelo and his family at Fire Island Vines also decided to make their own from their expertise. As you’ll find out, not anyone can just have their own “winery” due to regulations from the state and county. This is what makes Fire Island Vines a standout location to visit for date night, family gatherings, birthdays and events. 

Listen in to the complete episode to hear more about how they create their own wines. Fire Island Vines currently bottles 5 different varieites of wine. FIV Pinot Grigio, FIV Sauvignon Blanc, FIV Riesling, FIV Rose and FIV Pinot Noir.

Check out my tasting video where I try the FIV Sauvignon Blanc for the first time

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More than Wine

The beauty of FIre Island Vines is how they truly created a composed menu and experience beyond their roots in wine. They have a Mediterranean inspired menu including Spanikopita, pita sandwiches like their classic Gyro and charcuterie boxes you can grab to go on your way to Fire Island beaches. 

Like many businesses since the pandemic, they’ve been forced to collaborate and get more creative. Being the new kid on the block in Bay Shore, NY hasn’t stopped them one bit from offering date night packages, adult ice pops and more!

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