funchos in riverhead

Funchos Makes Food Fun in Riverhead

Today’s guest is Alfonso, the owner and chef of Funchos located in Riverhead NY. Funchos is a tacqueria located on the east end of Long Island, serving up tacos, burritos, beer and so much more for the last 20 years. 

Alfonso tells us how being Peruvian, most people are surprised to learn he never had a taco until he was 14 years old. He has a love for Peruvian cooking that starts with his Mom. When had the idea for Funchos it was all about combining his Peruvian roots into tacos, burritos and more. 

He’s a foodie like me so we explore the menu’s unique items like Frito Bandito and even hot dogs! That’s right, a tacqueria serving up Alfonso’s concept of a hot dog.

During this difficult time Alfonso is grateful to be operating and he installed a takeout window he points out in the episode.

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