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Environmental Services Impact for Restaurants & Homes

Today I’m speaking with my good friend Michael from Gianco Environmental Services. The company provides environmental, engineering, waste management, health and safety services for businesses, restaurants and home owners here on Long Island. 
As we know, restaurants and businesses have been impacted by the COVID pandemic in way we haven’t even begun to understand as of today. Michael offers his expertise on the importance of deep cleaning and sanitizing, as we as why restaurant owners should be proactive about waste management and its impact on the environment. 
Michael is also my first guest on the show who suffered from the coronavirus personally. It’s great to hear he’s doing well and was able to maintain his health to get back to work.

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About Gianco Environmental Services

Gianco Environmental Services is a family owned business that started with Michael’s Dad who ran plastics recycling company aimed at the manufacturing industry. From there the business evolved over time due to the natural maturation of the manufacturing industry for all the right reasons, meaning manufacturers were producing less waste. 
Gianco is now actively involved in the restoration, decontamination, disinfecting and deep cleaning for many sectors with a focus on the restaurant category in part due to the participation in organizations such as the Long Island Food Council

Why Restaurants Should Be Proactive About Waste Management

The number one reason is healthy safety. Restaurants need to be proactive about their waste management to avoid contamination in their store. Michael also discusses some potential cost savings as it relates to segregation of recyclable materials. 
Restaurants are currently utilizing Gianco’s services for deep cleaning as they are opening back up for indoor dining here on Long Island. This doesn’t mean simply wiping down tables and chairs for each new customer. This is about deep cleaning the entire storefront on regular basis to meet regulations. Michael also provides clients with inspection services using the latest technology and data to determine the cleanliness of a location.
Anaerobic Digesters Help Reduce Food Waste
Food waste is a term we don’t really want to think about as customers and something that restaurants have to deal with on a regular basis. Food waste is a real problem that affects food cost and the environment. Spreading awareness of technologies such as anaerobic digesters can have a positive impact on the industry.  Listen in around 12m28s to hear Michael discuss some issues around food waste and what an anaerobic digester actually does. 

Environmental Services for Home Owners

As homeowners, the last thing you want to deal with are troublesome problems such as mold ,lead and asbestos. Professional service companies such as Gianco can be helpful in that they provide air quality testing.  Older homes that have converted from oil to gas need to have the old oil tanks removed. This is exactly why you’d need to speak to a professional such as Michael. 
The Green Building Council
There’s a lot of talk about the environment but for the average consumer, homeowner and restaurant patron, we don’t have a lot of insight into what improvements are being made. It’s comforting to know companies such as Gianco Environmental Services participate in organizations such as the Green Building Council. Their vision is that buildings and communities will regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life within a generation. 
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