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Green Hill Kitchen Provides Pulled Pork to Provisions on the North Fork

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Today I’m speaking with Chef Matty Boudreau, three time barbecue champion pitmaster and chef at Green Hill Kitchen and Que located in Greenport, NY. He actually manages 3 locations in the area and quickly had to make changes to survive in these challenging times. In addition to offering takeout, one of their locations is now setup to offer provisions from olive oil to toilet paper. 

Listen in to find out how Matty fell in love with cooking at the age of 8 and how Green Hill Kitchen is doing all they can to support the local community and it’s employees they can’t afford to keep working at the time.

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About Chef Matty Boudreau

Chef Matty discovered his love of cooking at the ripe age of 8 years old! His father owned a sausage cart outside of Fenway park. It set the stage for his love of the hospitality business and how he liked to interact with people. His mother was also the entertainment director for the House of Blues where the chef took him under his wing. Rather than hanging out watching the concerts he preferred hanging with chefs and catering food backstage. 
Rather than go to culinary school he worked with two CIA graduates who had him make every meal in the book for a year. His decision to learn in the trenches was the right one for him. There are two different types of chefs. Some need the formal training and others like Chef Matty just need to work with their hands and get down to business in the kitchen. 

About Green Hill Kitchen & Que

Matty Boudreau arrived at the Greenport location in October of 2019, only a few months before the world changed in 2020. One of the first things that changed was adding the “que” because one of the things he’s passionate about is barbecue. He loves competing in barbecue competitions and he loves winning them. Their number 1 signature dish is their brisket which they spent a lot of time perfecting.

The North Fork of Long Island has a unique community and clientele. It’s important as a restaurant owner to realize who you’re cooking when it comes to menu design, atmosphere and pricing your meals. The North Fork is also heavily influences by the seasons from winery outings to harvest season at the farms. 

Pivoting & Providing

Green Hill management group has three restaurants under it’s umbrella. The flagship being Green Hill Kitchen and Que. Directly across the street you’ll find Anchor and what was once known as Industry Standard was supposed to become a tavern called Whalers Tavern and has since been transformed into a market. By the 15th and 16th of March they had lost their entire revenue stream.

The idea to offer provisions came from a friend of the family who didn’t want to send her husband to the market because she was in the middle of a risky pregnancy. Instead she ordered all the goods she needed directly from Green Hill Kitchen who still had access to items. From there the provisions market was born as an extension of the takeout and delivery services they were ramping up.

If that weren’t enough they also are taking donations through a GoFundMe page for the co-workers they couldn’t keep on staff through this challenging time. They also had another fund to help feed frontline workers. Every $10 would provide one meal to a hospital worker.

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