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A Successful & Sustainable Business for Over 40 Years

Today I’m speaking with Christian Limberg, President of Harbor Seafood. Christian is as much of an advocate of seafood as he is of people. From the fishermen to their customers, Harbor Seafood has a built a successful and sustainable business that’s grown over 4 decades.

In this week’s episode we discuss his philosophy on running a successful business since he joined Harbor Seafood 25 years ago. Watch their inspiring videos below to learn how they hired over 100 hearing impaired employees and why they treat their employees like family.

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Heart, Passion & Resilience

When I asked Christian about challenges his company has faced over the past 25 years since he joined Harbor Seafood he immediately talks about his staff and the people behind the work. Most of us who are consumers take for granted how our lobster, crab or other delights of the sea make it to our restaurants and on our tables. How many logistical nightmares had to be worked out before you could enjoy the freshest seafood you’ve ever had?

People who love the food business have a true passion for what they do. It’s only the way to endure such trials and tribulations on a daily basis. When it comes to seafood you can’t quite and you need to continuously evolve especially with the changes businesses like Harbor Seafood are facing since the pandemic.

With the restaurant industry at all time low, businesses like Harbor Seafood can now deliver some of the freshest seafood right to your door. This is game changing in the seafood industry because of the complexities around dock to door shipping.  I highly recommend you check out their seafood and support this one of a kind business located right here on Long Island.

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Protecting Our Resources

If you think about sustainable fishing practices it’s not about the now, it’s about the future. As Christian put it, following the protocols for sustainable fishing practices is so generations from now can enjoy the same quality and abundance of seafood we have today. Seafood is not an infinite resource and luckily there are many organizations advocating for sustainable fishing practices. Christian also points how important traceability is in the industry.


About Harbor Seafood

Founded in 1975, and built on the core business principles of honesty, integrity and reliability. Our commitment to provide the best seafood has always been on exhibit through our customer service and extensive offering of quality shellfish, fin-fish and value added products.

In addition, understanding our stewardship to the oceans, we strive to source and deliver the highest quality seafood through efficient, environmentally safe practices. This means keeping a firm eye on social and environmental responsibility through conscientious sourcing practices, far-reaching charity work, and dedicated care to staff at home and abroad.



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