Food & Travel Expert Shares Best of List for Long Island & New York Restaurants with Jays_TravelingFork

Today’s very special guest is Jaymie, better known as Jays_TravelingFork on Instragram. Jaymie is an influencers that’s been able to combine her passion for food and travel making friends along the way. 

Find out what meal absolutely blew her mind as well as our speed round where I ask Jaymie to tell us her of recommendations for brunch, lunch, dinner and more.

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For starters it’s impossible to ignore the current world we are living in. The pandemic has changed the way we dine and Jaymie has much love and support for the restaurant owners, chefs and staff that she now calls friends.

JaysTraveling_Fork has gone through changes over the years, starting as far back as 2013 but at the time she wasn’t the fab photographer you know today. Jaymie is even a little embarrassed of those early photos which I think is totally fine. Like any creative person, we go through stages of our craft and improve over time. JaysTraveling_Fork only went public a little over 2 years ago and has already amassed a following of 15k!

As Jaymie describes her love of food and the creativity that goes into the dishes she is served, I asked her where that passion comes from. Growing up in the Bronx, she essentially describes a melting pot of culture that influenced her and gave her an open mind about all things food.

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A Mind Blowing Meal

Having dined at 100’s of establishments over the years, I was curios what type of meal would make Jaymie stop and pause. What meal would blow her mind and why. Luckily for Jaymie, her boyfriend is an airline employee which translates to, they get to travel more than the average Joe.

Jaymie’s favorite spot happens to be in Aruba. A popular destination for many New Yorkers. When you’re a food enthusiast and you travel a lot, the first thing you want to know is, where do the locals eat? On a trip to Aruba a taxi driver brought her to a local destination where he ordered a soup that Jaymie wasn’t expecting. Brace yourselves for Iguana soup! That same driver brought Jaymie, to 3 more spots.

How to Take Epic Food Photos

For Jaymie and Jays_TravelingFork it’s all about Instragram. Other social media pages like Facebook and Twitter are for personal use and friends and family only which makes sense. Jaymie mainly uses her iPhone out of convenience and she also has a Canon T7i that she will use for contract work or bigger projects.

Lighting in itself is a whole other world but for foodies on the go, a portable light is the way to go. If you want a powerful light that you can take anywhere to make your food photos look impressive. tune in to the whole episode to Jaymie’s lighting recommendation and food photography tips.

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Best dining on long island

As we wrapped things up I hit Jaymie with a surprise speed round where she gave us her best lunch, brunch, dinner, cocktail, dessert and outdoor dining spots not to be missed! I know she made me a fan of Roc & Olive in Long Beach, NY. Tune in to see where she’s dining in and around Long Island!

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