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A Retro Seafood Shanty That’s Still Trendy After 50 Years in Business

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Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Andrea, the owner of the The Lobster Roll located in Amagansett, NY. Founded in 1965 as a family run business, Andrea has kept the retro feel but knows how to satisfy her customers needs and keep up with changing trends. At first glance you may think they only have lobster rolls but this famous restaurant offers a full menu featuring fresh seafood, homemade desserts and even gluten free options.

It’s great to hear The Lobster Roll is doing surprisingly well during these challenging times. They’ve added extra precautions to keep customers safe and have made sure they are following proper recommendations and guidelines as restaurants begin to open up for seating. Andrea says they even have their servers staying socially distant while customers place orders on an iPad.

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From Clam Shack to Legendary Status

Andrea joined the restaurant in 1977 with no prior experience and fell in love with the restaurant business. The Lobster Roll was originally a little clam shack opened in 1965 by her ex-husband and father in law. Lobster rolls were not common here on Long Island. It was the beginning of a food trend that continues today with lobster rolls available everywhere in the summertime.

That’s what’s so interesting about this Amagansett location. Even with availability of lobster rolls all over Long island, people come from far and wide to get a taste of the original on the east end.

Its Not Just for Lobster Rolls

I asked Andrea to talk about how the menu has transitioned over time and she immediately spoke to what it’s like being a business owner and entrepreneur. Andrea is one smart business woman that knows how to evaluate her customers wants and trends to stay relevant while being true to their roots.

From picnic tables to an outdoor oasis, lobster rolls to gluten free options, Andrea and her team take such pride and care in what they are serving and how they operate their business. Even the retro vibe feels authentic with oldies music playing on the speakers and the beach shack vibe even though they aren’t located directly on the beach. Customers recognize that sort of dedication which is why the Lobster Roll in Amagansett will be around for another 50 years I’m sure.

A Taste of Fame

When you listen to the episode there are so many interesting stories and one of them is how the Lobster Roll ended up on the Showtime show The Affair. If that wasn’t enough, Andrea has entertainment aspirations of her own and I highly recommend you subscribe to her YouTube channel where she cooks in her own kitchen for a show produced for PBS called Eat Drink and Bake with Andrea.

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