Main Street Pizza Company Farmingdale

Main Street Pizza Company in Farmingdale Isn’t Your Average Pizza Joint

Today’s guest is David, the owner of Main Street Pizza Company in Farmingdale, NY. Since its opening in October 2019, Main Street Pizza Company has made a name for itself with creative ideas such as Lamborghini deliveries and “bored” games printed right on the box. 

Don’t let the shenanigans fool you, David has a true passion for pizza with his roots dating back to Positano in Williston Park where he started working at the age of 15. 

Tune in later in the episode to hear our speed round where we ask the all important questions for David’s favorites such as Grandma vs Sicilian, Pepperoni vs Sausage and Calzone vs Chicken Roll. 

Scroll down for my exclusive pizza photo collection from dining there including their Rucolo Pizza, Risotto Balls and the MSPC Chicken Vodka Hero which was to die for!

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Making a Splash on Main Street

David and his crew are new to the Farmingdale area but that didn’t stop them from going big from the start. He’s making pizza for about 20 years at one of the best pizza places on Long Island. Positano in Williston Park is great place to dine but more importantly it was a great place to learn how to make pizza. 

At Main Street Pizza Company you’ll find a combination of old-school Brooklyn charm and modern elegance, Main Street Pizza offers a varied menu at affordable prices. Our pizza is based on Italian tradition of preparing food, combining simplicity with the best ingredients of the season.

They had some early PR from Barstool Sports which gave them a wider audience but it was their creativity during the quarantine that caught my attention.  Who knew partnering with an exotic car rental company to deliver pizzas would be such a hit? Imagine ordering your pizza and out of nowhere a Lamborghini from Cloud9 Exotics pulls up in front of your house. That’s an experience your family won’t soon forget.

Last but not least

Pizza Favorites Speed Round

What are your favorites? Tell us in the comments….If you want to hear Dave’s favorites you’ll have to download the whole episode.

Grandma vs Sicilian
Calzone vs Chicken Roll
Pepperoni vs Sausage
Baked Clams vs Fried Calamari
Chicken Parm vs Eggplant Parm Heroes
Lasagna vs Baked Ziti

Pizza Porn

Click below to expand the photos. My favorite was hands down the MSPC Chicken Vodka Hero featuring crispy chicken cutlet, vodka sauce, mozzarella sticks, garlic bread. The vodka sauce was also paired with the Risotto balls and we couldn’t get enough! 

Specialty pies are always a good choice and with fresh ingredients like imported prosciutto and crispy crust the Rucolo pizza was off the charts. 

Our son ordered the Bacon Chicken Ranch and he couldn’t stop raving about it. Look how crispy that crust is! 

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