North Fork Doughnut Company

North Fork Doughnut Company Delivers with Collaborations

I’m excited for you to hear our first episodes inspirational story of a little doughnut shop located on the North Fork of Long Island in Mattituck, NY. Jim and Kelly are the owners of North Fork Doughnut Company.

It may have been there passion for sweets that got them into the doughnut biz to begin with but it’s their business smarts and ability to collaborate with other local Long Island businesses that have led to their sweet success. 

We discuss everything from their opening in June of 2018 and how having a line down the road made them quickly realize their original plan of not hiring employees wasn’t sustainable. 

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Kelly is the baker and Jim has a background in beer. Their skill sets compliment one another which makes them a great husband and wife team that continues to innovate and collaborate. 

Collaborations have been and continue to be a key to their success. Partnering with Sail Away, a local cold brew company pairs quite nicely for the coffee and doughnut crowd. They also get creative and partner with local breweries like DUBCO and North Fork Brewery to make some creative flavor combinations. 

True NoFoDoCo fans keep an eye out for their flavor forecast that is updated regularly thanks to their seasoned staff of pastry chefs that Jimmy calls his very own Willy Wonka Factory in the back of their shop.

Keep in touch with NoFoDoCo on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/nofodoco/ or visit their website https://www.nofodoco.com/ 

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