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That MeetBall Place Tom Fazio

That Meetball Place Hires Executive Chef Tom Fazio to Enhance Dining Experience

Today I’m joined by Tom Fazio, an executive chef with 20 years experience now stirring things up at That Meetball Place in Farming and Patchogue, NY.

Tom joined the team during the pandemic and has already brought the menu to new heights. Listen in to find out how he describes what makes for a great dining experience, how he works with his team and the most enjoyable part about being a chef.

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Food & Travel Expert Shares Best of List for Long Island & New York Restaurants with Jays_TravelingFork

Today’s very special guest is Jaymie, better known as Jays_TravelingFork on Instragram. Jaymie is an influencers that’s been able to combine her passion for food and travel making friends along the way. Find out what meal absolutely blew her mind as well as our speed round where I ask Jaymie to tell us her of recommendations for brunch, lunch, dinner and more.

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