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green hill kitchen greenport ny

Green Hill Kitchen Provides Pulled Pork to Provisions on the North Fork

Today I’m speaking with Chef Matty Boudreau, three time barbecue champion pitmaster and chef at Green Hill Kitchen and Que located in Greenport, NY. He actually manages 3 locations in the area and quickly had to make changes to survive in these challenging times. In addition to offering takeout, one of their locations is now setup to offer provisions from olive oil to toilet paper.

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essential food safety consulting

Essential Food Safety Consulting Talks About Being Prepared

Today I’m speaking with Kevin, a food safety consultant with over 20 years experience. He currently acts as the senior food safety consultant for Essential Food Safety Consulting here on Long Island. Kevin and I discuss how consumers and businesses can be prepared for the changing world in which we live in.

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athenian greek taverna commack

Athenian Greek Taverna Combines Tradition with Passion in Commack NY

Today I’m speaking with Alex, the owner of Athenian Greek Taverna in Commack NY. Alex is half Italian and half Greek so there’s no mystery about his passion for food. We talk a lot about of memories of our parents and grandparents cooking in the kitchen. How the smell of something familiar can whisk you away to your youth.

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