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Sawasdee Brings a Taste of Thailand to Plainvew NY

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Today I’m speaking with John, the owner of Sawasdee in Plainview, NY. After living in Thailand for almost 5 years, where he met his wife, John came back to Long Island to pursue his passion of opening a restaurant. Fueled by authentic flavors, this interview takes a look at what makes Sawasdee Thai Elevated, a destination not to be missed.

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About Sawasdee Thai Elevated

Sawasdee (sah-wah-DEE) is one of the most common words in the Thai language, used both as a greeting and a farewell. The restaurant that opened in July of 2016 combines authentic Thai cuisine with modern dining. Thai food is all about marrying complexity with harmony, and Sawasdee aims to continue that tradition.

A former VP of a global transportation company, John had been well traveled and was eventually placed in Thailand where he was introduced to the cuisine. He always had a dream of opening an Italian restaurant but love and life changed his path.

John talks to us about the complexity of the food with so many flavors coming together. Words like umami flavor are used throughout the conversation and if you really want to understand what makes their pad Thai authentic, I suggest you listen to the complete interview.


How Sawasdee is Dealing with COVID

When your dreams become reality sometimes things aren’t always what you thought they would be. John romanticized about having his own restaurant with a corner table for his friends and family to gather where he could spend time with them. As many in the restaurant and hospitality industry can attest to, the days are long and ownership comes at a great sacrifice.

Now with the current crisis, for elevated Thai cuisine takeout and convenience becomes the business driver over presentation and ambiance. If you’ve never had Thai food or if you’re only used to eating pad thai in a fast casual setting, I encourage you to educated about it’s flavors.

That’s why Sawasdee is at the top of my list for places to dine now and in the future. They are currently offering curbside pickup on their entire menu.


My Takeout Dinner from Sawasdee

My takeout experience at Sawasdeee Thai Elevated in Plainview was excellent. 

We ordered appetizers including the Curry Puff & Steamed Thai Dumplings. For dinner we ordered the Shrimp Pad Thai and Chicken Thai Fried Rice. 

Steamed Thai Dumpling – crab, shrimp and pork with soya bean vinaigrette

Curry Puff – puff pastry, sautéed chicken, onion, taro, curry powder

Shrimp Pad Thai – stir-fried rice noodles, egg, yellow tofu,
chives, bean sprout, peanut

Chicken Thai Fried Rice – fried rice with egg, onion, pea, carrot

Visit Sawasdee at 395 S Oyster Bay Rd, Plainview, NY 11803.

Call for takeout and curbside pickup at (516) 261-9346

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