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A Juicing Business That Became an Overnight Success Started by Helping His Mom

Today I’m speaking to the myth, the man, the legend, Ron Montgomery, the founder of SixJuice. Buckle up for my longest and most inspirational episode yet. I consider this one a masterclass in the food and beverage business.

If you’ve ever want to make a product and sell it, you won’t want to miss the real talk between Ron and I. Our relationship started 3 years ago when I started Big Lou’s Onion Sauce at the Kitchen Co-Op in Amityville, NY.

From the first time I met Ron we had a mutual respect for each other. He’s all heart and hustle which is what made his business a success virtually overnight.

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Helping His Mom Fight Cancer

Ron started juicing after his Mom was in recovery from Stage 4 cancer. He was looking for a way to help her heal and discovered the benefits of juicing. All of this started with a $40 juicer in his kitchen while attending Google University to conduct his research.

Actually, Ron ended up attended college to learn all about nutrition. So when you’re buying a juice blend from SixJuice it comes backed with real knowledge and his passion for helping people be healthy. His brand image is important, it’s why you won’t find him sitting around drinking stuff like Redbull. (sorry Redbull, you’re just not healthy)

The Juice Business

What’s great about Ron is how real he is. Standing at 6’10” you’d think he’d be intimidating but he’s not. He’s a business man. After trying his recipes on friends and family he learned how to scale the business quickly.

In this episode we dive into the numbers of it all, from having a kiosk in the mall, to pricing your product with distributors and opening a retail location. That’s why this is like a masterclass in starting a food and beverage business.

Be true to yourself no matter. It’s a small world out there so always make sure you respect others in the business even if you’re competitors. You never know when you’ll need them.

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