Tevony Mediterranean Marinade

Tevony’s Mediterranean Marinade, Starts with Father’s Recipe (Now A Sofi Award Winner)

Today I’m speaking with my good friend Hagit, the founder of Tevony, a local food manufacturer of Mediterranean marinades, spreads and dressings. Hagit created Tevony with the desire to bring her father’s family recipe to the world.

Started in 2018, Hagit has overcome many challenges personally and professionally and is now the winner of the 2020 Sofi award for best new product in the dip/salsa category.

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About Tevony

After an unpleasant divorce, Hagit’s daughter inspired her to follow her entrepreneurial skills and concentrate on taking her father’s recipe and turning it into a business. Out of the gate, Tevony had big ambitions. Their first every public appearance was at the 2018 restaurant and food expo at the Javitz Center in New York City. Hagit along with her daughters prepared 300 jars of Tachbisha.

Tevony is the brand and Tachbisha is the product line. Tachbisha combines healthy Mediterranean ingredients such as garlic, turmeric, olive oil, spices with lemon and lime which when combined not only packs a ton of flavor into your meal but also tenderizes your meat and poultry.

Creating a Mediterranean Product Line

The original product was the Mediterranean Garlic Spread and following the food show, Hagit learned that people needed more information. Customers were asking what they could use the product with. This is where things get interesting because taking the original garlic spread recipe and turning into a complete product line was going to be a challenge.

Putting 4 products on the shelf at one time is a challenge in both production and marketing to the consumer. Now you’ll find a marinade, a salad dressing, a condiment and the original garlic spread.

How to Use Tachbisha for Cooking

The marinade can be used on steak, poultry, fish and even hearty vegetables such as portobello mushrooms. It couldn’t be any easier, just take your bottle and pour over your protein or veggies, bake or grill. You don’t need any additional spices or seasoning which is the goal for Hagit. She wants to make flavorful cooking convenient for the busy family.

The garlic spread can even be used as alternative to traditional pizza sauce especially for those that may not be able to eat tomatoes for the acidity. The salad dressing is one Hagit’s favorite creations because she added coconut cream to the ingredients to give it a luxurious creamy finish for a unique salad experience any foodie will want to try. Because of the coconut cream you could also use it as a Thai inspired marinade. On their website they also have a recipe for Creamy Thai Vegan Soup.

Award Winning Success

After 2 years and starting with 300 bottles, Hagit has now sold over 10,000 units of her Tachbisha marinades and condiments all over the tri-state area and beyond. What Hagit hopes people realize is how much work goes into taking a recipe like this and putting it on the shelf. Since the Covid pandemic, making deliveries to retail stores proved more difficult and sampling at retail stores is non-existent which can really disrupt a burgeoning food manufacturing such as Tevony.

For Hagit, she treats challenges as a form of motivation. The company has shifted to more online marketing efforts to get her products in front of people that are now cooking at home. You can find the entire Tachbisha line on Amazon.com as well as on their own website delivered right to your doorstep. Retail is also getting some changes with in-store POS displays in lieu of sampling.

All of this work has culminated in 2020 with an award, making Tevony the the recipient of the 2020 Sofi Award for Best New Product.

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