how to choose the perfect wine club

How to Choose the Perfect Wine Club

Calling all wine lovers for this special episode featuring Wine Club Group just in time for the holidays. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a new to the scene, a wine club can be a great way to expand your knowledge and try new varietals. 

Listen in to this week’s episode of the Big Food Talk to hear from the experts and founders of WineClubGroup.com as they tell us how their website can help you choose the perfect wine club no where you live, your taste and your budget.

The Wine Club Group is made up of 3 friends that I’ve known for many years through our ties in the affiliate marketing industry and attending events like Affiliate Summit. Needless to say we all grew up in that industry and spent a lot of time socializing, eating and drinking wine. In my opinion, wine brings people together just as much as food can which is a reason why I started this podcast.

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What is a Wine Club?

Meet Tricia, Todd and Eric who started a wine club review site at wineclubgroup.com. Wine of the month clubs are a great method of learning about wine, getting exposed to new wines and enjoying your favorites. There are a number of types of wine of the month clubs, from those offered by wineries, or wine stores, or wine vendors delivering wine to consumers throughout the country. 

The premise is you can put your love of wine on autopilot by having your favorites delivered straight to your door. Everyone likes different types of wine and using a wine review site like wineclubreview.com can really help you narrow down which direction you should go to get started.

Since alcohol shipping laws vary from state to state, they’ve created a “shop by state” page to see which of their favorite wine of the month clubs deliver to your state.

Wine Clubs Provide an Experience

Tricia explains how wine relates to her food experiences. She loves food but doesn’t consider herself a foodie. So is it possible to simply enjoy wine without having to learn about all the nuances of the varietals, acidity, color and hints of fruit?

With a wine club you’re entering a curated experience that can fit your taste. It’s part of the experience of having wines chosen for you. Imagine, how many times have you gone the liquor store and stared aimlessly down the aisle not knowing what to try or if you’ll like it?
Wine clubs make it possible to experience new wines or wines you’re familiar with depending on how wine adventurous you are.

What are the Best Wine Clubs?

Wine, like food is subjective depending on your own preferences and tastes. Eric and Todd give us their picks for their favorite wine clubs and how each of them meets their personal tasting preferences. I can tell you that after this interview I’ll be checking out Firstleaf and you may want to as well. I’ll let Eric tell you why when you listen in.

Wine clubs also make a great gift. As Tricia points out, one of the perks giving a wine club gift is it seems super fancy but you can also find one on a budget. 

If you have a favorite wine club I’d love to talk with you about it so join me on Instagram to join in the conversation.

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